Friday, June 09, 2017

"We could do Nothing but lie Down" Creepypasta | by Lloiu

I remember the day the spider-like creatures swarmed out of their holes and covered the moon's surface. NASA telescopes captured high definition video of the masses of creatures, throbbing and heaving as far as the eye could see. They were as big as cars and I nearly lost my mind when I caught a glimpse of them on the news.

I remember the ensuing months as humanity reacted to the presence of new life in our solar system. Many wanted to nuke the lunar surface until it was glass. Others wanted to make peace. Some worshiped them as gods. Personally, whenever I looked up at the moon, brownish red with the skittering bodies of monsters, I could barely stop myself from shaking.

I remember when CNN broke footage of the creatures building massive ships on the surface. They were intelligent. This was enough to cause near panic. They were coming to us.

I remember the day they sent their first message. The sound was harsh and guttural and interspersed with a horrible clicking. Top linguists around the world were called in to translate.

I remember two weeks later when the brownish red tint of the moon gave way to the milky white we had almost forgotten as the monsters entered into their ships. Earth was on high alert, all nations’ armies prepared for assault. And then the ships took off and left in the opposite direction.

And I remember the next day, when the linguists finally decoded the strange message and played it for the whole world to hear: “If you value your lives, run.”

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