Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Single Shade of Red by KMApok

Four times in my life, I witnessed an "event".

I look at someone, and everything turns dark red. Within 5 minutes, that person will kill another.

Young, I watched a woman sitting impatiently at a stoplight when my vision changed. Moments later, she floored it when she couldn't wait for the green. She demolished a kid jaywalking.

In college, I witnessed two men arguing at a bar. My vision changed. Minutes later, one smashed a glass over the other's head. He died instantly.

An amateur boxing tournament. Front row, we watched a friend, Jimmy, in his first fight. 3 rounds in, as I looked at his opponent, my vision changed.

Bolting from my chair, rushing past security, I screamed to stop the fight. Jimmy, distracted, turned to me, dropping his guard. A punch slipped in, and Jimmy went down.

When my grandmother was terminal, her doctor advised us to discontinue life support. Walking into the room as a family, my vision changed. He disconnected the ventilator, and she passed.

Today, my husband was at work. I was home alone, watching our seven-year-old daughter at our remote cabin. She helped me in the kitchen, and I smiled at her as I watched her struggle to put dishes away.

She looked at me, smiling, and my vision changed.


I stepped back, eyes wide with horror. I rushed out of the kitchen, locking myself in the bathroom, sweating, panicking.

What the hell was I supposed to do?!? Before, my interference caused death. Shaking, I turned on the faucet, splashing water on my face. Looking up into the mirror, I stared at my own reflection.

My vision changed.

Written by KMApok

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