Sunday, June 04, 2017

Country Pursuits by Jo Carnegie


The characters of the book are simply insufferable! So they are impossibly rich doing very little or inconsequential jobs but maintaining an extremely expensive lifestyle and they are all in a fix because (gulp!) a self - made property developer wants to build a housing estate on their precious meadow. And not a luxury apartments estate either. That's right the plebs are coming! This, of course, means war! Hurry up, call Mick Jagger to stop this sacrilege. Their peace and quiet are threatened! Dear me the hoi poloi will overrun the place!

Well unfortunately he loses and the rich and spoilt again have their way. I feel dumber by reading this book. The snobbiness is off the chart! There are better chic lit books out there. Some of them are even thoughtful and might offer some insights into other people's characters.

In this badly written piece, the characters are never developed or are caricatures of themselves. You honestly don't want them to succeed. Trust me dear reader, you can do better...

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