Monday, August 22, 2005

"The Last of the Wine" Mary Renault

Alexias, a young Athenian of good family, grows up just as the Peloponnesian War is drawing to a close. The adult world he enters is one in which the power and influence of his class have been undermined by the forces of war, and more and more Alexias finds himself drawn to the controversial teachings of Sokrates. Among the great thinker's followers Alexias meets Lysis, and the two youths become inseparable, wrestling together in the palaestra, journeying to the Olympic Games and fighting in the wars against Sparta. On the great historical canvas of famine, siege, and civil conflict, their relationship captures vividly the intricacies of classical Greek culture.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"Coastliners" Joanne Harris

On the tiny Breton island of Le Devin, life has remained almost unchanged for over a hundred years. For generations, two rival communities, the wealthy La Houssiniere and the impoverished village of Les Salants, have fought for control of the island's only beach.

When Mado, a spirited local girl, returns to Les Salants after a ten - year absence, she finds her home threatened, both by the tides and the machinations of a local entrepreneur. Worse, the community is suffering from an incurable loss of hope.

Mado is not so easily discouraged. Dogged by prejudice from the seperstitious villagers, she is forced to enlist the help of Flynn, an attractive drifter. But Mado's attempts to transform the dying community have unforseen consequences. As Les Salants returns slowly to life, so do past tragedies, including the terrible secret that still haunts Mado's father. And is Flynn really who he says he is?

Friday, July 22, 2005

"Poison In Athens" by Margaret Doody

It is the autumn of 330BC, and three law cases are exciting Athens: the malicious wounding of a wealthy citizen; a bizarre murder by hemlock; and an accusation of impiety agsinst the courtesan Phryne, the most beautiful woman in Athens.

The court proceedings and surounding speculation stir up strong feelings: disgust for depraved sensuality and deep political passions amongst the city's populace. A crucial lack of judgement eventually brings affairs to a boiling point.

Aristotle, recollecting the death of Socrates and strongly aware of the city's tensions and of the fragile nature of political constitutions, intervenes, lest the forthcoming trials breaks Athens into fragments ...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

"The Barbarian" by Judith E. French

Surrounded by the exotic luxuries of ancient Alexandria, courted by the world's most powerful men, Roxanne was a woman of privilege - and one with no memory of her past. Flashes of recollection bewildered her: images of a man as golden as any god, of a tiny baby torn too soon from her loving arms.

Then one starless night a stranger entered her silken chamber, startling her with his dark savagery, seducing her with his sensual mastery. Did he hold the key to the mysteries that plagued her? His tale of empires won and lost, of passion and betrayal, seemed too fantastic to be true, but her heart told her one thing was certain as the rising sun: She had once given all her love to this daring warrior, had pledged her hand and her honor to ...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Saints and Sinners" by Tom Holt

Paint your dragon
The cosmic battle between Good and Evil ...But suppose Evil threw the fight? And suppose Good cheated? When sculptress Bianca wilson's recreation of Saint George and his scaly chum gets a bit too life-like, it opens up a real can of wyrms and puts a whole new slant on the cosmic battle between Good and Evil. The dragom knows that evil got a raw deal and is looking to set the records straight. And George (who cheated) thinks the record's just fine as it is.

Open Sesame
Moments from a hideous death, Akram the Terrible, the most feared thief in Bagdad, knew that his life was supposed to flash before his eyes. But it didn't. Because all this had happened before. Many times. And he was damned if he was going to let it happen again, just because he was a fictional character. Meanwhile, back in Southampton, Michelle gets a shock when she puts on her aunt's ring and the computer and the telephone start to bitch at her. But that's nothing compared to what the kitchen appliaces have to say ...

Friday, July 01, 2005

My Book Wish List

Here is a list with he books I would like to have.

"The Black Jewel Trilogy" by Anne Bishop

Seven hundred years ago, a Black Widow wich saw an ancient prophecy come to life in her web of dreams and visions.

Now the Dark Realm readies itself for the arrival of its Queen, the Witch who will wield more power than even the High Lord of Hell himself. But the Queen is still young, still open to influences - and corruption.

Whoever controls the Queen controls the Darkness. Three men - sworn enemies - know this. And they know the power that hides behind the blue eyes of an innocent young girl. And so begins a ruthless game of politics and intrigue, magic and betrayal, where the weapons are hate and love - and the prize could be terrible beyond imagining...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

"The Key to Midnight" by Dean Koontz

Who is Joanna Rand?

Alex Hunter hasn't come to Japan to fall in love. But Joanna Rand is the most beautiful, exciting woman he has ever met.

Yet Joanna is not who she thinks she is. Ten years before, and halfway across the world, a brutally bizarre experiment recreated her mind. A violation so hideous that her dreams are filled with terror and her memories a lie.

If they are ever to be free, Alex and Joanna have to reopen the dangerous door into the nightmare past. Somehow they have to find the key to midnight ...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"The Voice of the Night" by Dean Koontz

A terrifying call from h dark side of man's psyche ...

Roy is the perfect companion and the best - and only - friend Colin ever had. He is athletic, courageous and popular. But he has a dark side. A truly dark side ... And now if Colin wants to survive he must become all the things he believes he is not and learn to control his fear. He must learn to ignore the voice of the night.

The voice of the night can transform childhood fantasy into terrifying reality. If you listen to the voice, you may never see dawn again ...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

"The Treasured One" by David and Leigh Eddings

Book Two of "The Dreamers"
Flush from their narrow victory over the horrific Vlagh, Longbow and his companions are drawn to a pastoral territory in South Dhrall, confident that they will thwart the next assault by their inhuman foe. But on the border o the wasteland, the Vlagh is breeding a monstrous new army of venomous bat – bugs and armored spiders. These grotesque legions threaten to overwhelm the allies, who are further shocked b a prophecy delivered by the Dreamers: an invasion by a new second army. A force of armed acolytes approaches to plunder this unspoiled land in a global holy war. Now farmers and hunters, soldiers and madmen, mortals and gods – will charge to a battle that will decide the fate of the world.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

“Hideaway” by Dean Koontz

Although accident victim Hatch Harrison dies en route to the hospital, a brilliant physician miraculously resuscitates him. Given this second chance, Hatch and his wife Lindsey approach each day with a new appreciation of the beauty of life – until a series of mysterious and frightening events brings them face to face with the unknown. Although Hatch was given no glimpse of an After - Life during the period when is heart stopped, he has reason to fear that he has brought a terrible Presence back with him … from the land of the dead.

When people who have wronged the Harrisons begin to die violently, Hatch comes to doubt his own innocence – and must confront the possibility that this life is just a prelude to another, darker place.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"Tall Stories" by Tom Holt

Expecting someone taller
All he did was run over a badger - sad, but hardly catastrofic. But it just wasn't Malcolm Fisher's day. The badger turned out to be none other than Ingolf, last of the Giants. With his dying breath, he reluctantly handed Malcolm two Gifts of Power, and made him ruler of the world. Funnily enought, that made a lot of other Earth - dwelers rather unhappy ...

Ye Gods!
Being a Hero bothers Jason Derry. It's easy to get maladjusted wen your mum is a suburban housewife and your dad's the Supreme Being. It can be a real drag slaying fabulous dragons and retrieving golden fleeces from fire - spitting dragons, and then having to tidy your room before your mum' ll let yo watch Star Trek. But it's not the relentless tedium of imperisable glory that finally brings Jason to the end of his rope; it's something so funny that it's got to be taken seriously. Deadly seriously ...

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Dreams Made Flesh" by Anne Bishop

Jaenelle is the most powerful Witch ever known, centuries of hopes and dreams made flesh at last. She has forged ties with three of the realm's mightiest Blood warriors: Saetan, the High Lord of Hell, who trains Jaenelle in magic and adopts her as his daughter; Lucivar, the winged Eyrien warlord who becomes her protector; and the near - immortal Daemon, born to be Witch's lover. Jaenelle has assumed her rightful place as Queen of the Darkness and restored order and peace to the realms ... but at a terrible cost.

In Dreams Made Flesh, discover the origin of the mystical Jewels, and experience the forbidden passion between Lucivar and a simple hearth witch. Witness the clash between Saetan and a Priestess that may forever change reality. And learn wether the sacrifice of Jaenelle's magic has destroyed any hope of happiness between her and Daemon.

"The Conqueror" by Judith E. French

It was a night never to be forgotten. A night that would forever change two lives ... and the course of history. For two long years her father's tiny mountain kindom had withstood the conqueror's sweeping forces, but now the barbarians had stormed the milehigh citabel and the women cowered in fear. All but the one called Little Star. Famed as the most beautiful woman in all Persia, Roxanne had the courage of a fierce warrior and the training of a prince of her people. When she learned that slavery was not to be her lot, but a brilliant political alliance, she vowed to await her bridegroom with her snarling leopard at her side and silken seduction at her fingertips. For she was no plaything, but more that a match for any man, even ... Alexander the Great.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"Omnibus" by Shaun Hutson

Death Day
Four hundred years ago, a woman died in agony to keep tahe secret of a golden disk and went to her grave with it hung around her neck. Now, in a desolate graveyard, a workman has unearthed the amulet by chance and decides to keep it. His first mistake ... Whether the amulet is found, ancient evil - hideous, powerful and vile - is once again reborn.

Immortality - the ultimate secret. David callahan needs to find the answer - he' s being tracked down by hired killers ... In a race against time, a trail of violence and terror leads from a desecrated church in France, to London, and on to Ireland where modern terrorism battles against ancient powers and a terrible secret is revealed ...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

"Your Wicked Ways" by Eloisa James

Helene, the Countese Godwin, knows there is nothing more unbearably tedious than a virtuous woman. After all, she's been one for ten long years while her scoundrel of a husband lives with strumpets and causes scandal after scandal. So she decides it's time for a change - she styles her hair in the newest, daring mode, puts on a shokingly transparent gown, and goes to a ball like Cinderella, hoping to find a prince charming to sweep her off her feet ... and into his bed.

But instead of a prince, she finds only her own volatile, infuriatingly handsome ... husband, Rees, the Earl Godwin. They'd eloped to Gretna Green in a fiery passion, but passion can sometimes burn too hot to last.

But now, Rees makes her a brazen offer, and Helene decides to become his wife again ... but not in name only. No, this time she decides to be very, very wicked indeed.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Wizard and Glass" by Stephen King

The Dark Tower beckons Roland, the Last Gunslinger, and the four companions he has gathered along the road. In the terrifying journey where hidden dangers lie at every junction - a malevolant runaway train, Roland's staunch enemy and the temptation of the wizard's diabolical glass ball - they narrowly escape one world to slip into the next.

It is here that Roland tells them a long - ago tale of love and adventure involving a beautiful woman named Susan Delgado.

With driving narrative forces and exciting plot twists, Wizard and Glass will leave readers clamouring for the next chapter.

"Lady of Hay" by Barbara Erskine

Jo Clifford, successful journalist, is all set to debunk the idea of past – life regressionin her next magazine series. But when she herself submits to a simple hypnotic session,she suddenly finds herself reliving the experiences of Matilda, Lady of Hay, the wife of a baron at the time of King John.

As she learns of Matilda’s unhappy marriage, her love for the handsome Richard de Clareand the brutal threats of death at the hands of King John, it becomes clear that Jo’s past and present are hopelessly entwined and that, eight hundred years on, a story of secret passion and unspeakable treachery is about to begin again …
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