Saturday, June 29, 2013

Profesions in Spanish

Spanish Professions by Maria Dellaporta


Greece from space

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spanish 101 - Unit 2

Speaking of gay marriage ...

My swallow

Στίχοι: Λευτέρης Παπαδόπουλος 
Μουσική: Μάνος Λοΐζος 


Αχ χελιδόνι μου πώς να πετάξεις 
σ’ αυτόν το μαύρο τον ουρανό 
αίμα σταλάζει το δειλινό 
και πώς να κλάψεις και πώς να κλάψεις 
αχ χελιδόνι μου 

Αχ παλληκάρι μου τα τρένα φύγαν 
δεν έχει δρόμο για μισεμό 
κι όσοι μιλούσαν για λυτρωμό 
πες μου πού πήγαν πες μου που πήγαν 
αχ παλληκάρι μου 

Άχου καρδούλα μου φυλακισμένη 
δε βγαίνει ο ήλιος που καρτεράς 
μόνο ο ντελάλης της αγοράς 
σε ξεκουφαίνει σε ξεκουφαίνει 
άχου καρδούλα μου 

Ach my swallow, how can you fly 
in this blackened sky? 
the sunset is dripping blood 
and how will you cry, how will you cry, 
ach my swallow… 

Ach my palikari, the trains have left, 
there is no road to leave the country, 
and those who spoke of liberation, 
tell me where they went, tell me where they went, 
ach my palikari… 

Ach my dear little heart, imprisonned, 
the sun you are awaiting does not come, 
only the town-crier in the market-place 
deafens you, he deafens you, 
ach my poor little heart… 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Stop the closure of ERT #NoJusticeGr

The Greek government has just brutally pulled the plug on our public radio and TVservices, dealing a terrible blow to our democracy. But if enough of us fight back now, we can force PM Samaras to give us our ERT back.

State media is normally the first target in any coup but now our democratically elected government has decided to shut it down, firing all its 2,700 employees. They say ERT is inefficient and lacks transparency, but rather than reform it to make it better, they’ve decided to kill it. Right now protests are spreading across the country and if we turn the heat on Samaras now, we can still save the TV and radio we all grew up with.

We don’t have much time left. Greece is in crisis and and decisions being made now will last for generations. Only a public, impartial media can help us scrutinise the austerity autocrats and hold our democratically elected politicians to account. Let´s stop the Great Greek Switch-off --click to sign this petition and share it widely until we build an outcry impossible to ignore:

With hope and determination,

Luis, Sam, Marie, Carol and the whole Avaaz team

PS: this campaign was originally created by Sophia K..Start yours now and win on any issue - local, national or global:


ERT closure: Greek unions stage 24-hour protest strike (BBC)

The loss of ERT, the 'Greek BBC', is a cultural calamity (The Guardian)

Closure of Greek state-run broadcaster ERT triggers political crisis (The Independent)

Greeks protest in Brussels over ERT shutdown (Euronews)
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