Monday, June 19, 2017

Mr Darcy's Diary by Maya Slater

Where to begin... Jane Austen has certain views about the world. In her point of view, people were cleaner and more logical. They were both more innocent and calculating. They were selfish in their efforts to better themselves through, marriage and acquaintances but had no real passion. Nobody would see the point of say an orgy or the use of a brothel.

That view is wrong. Although the marriage market among the privileged did work the way she described to a cerain extend, the high society were hypocrites who had affairs, kept women and did all sort of 'immoral' things. They also had this enormous sense of entitlement and complete disregard for personal freedoms that makes modern people and especially women, wanna slap them in the face.

In that sense, Maya Slater's Mr Darcy was both more real and out of character. She portrays him every bit as snobbish and aloof as Ms Austen's version but at the same time he is incredibly nosy, he participates in orgies and apart from proud he is obnoxious as well. People reading this book and expecting familiar faces will be mightily disappointed. People reading this book on its own merits will be disappointed as well. While it's not boring exactly, it's hardly memorable. All in all, it's an average book and it's a pity because the idea and the original material if used differently could have given us something great.

I am giving it 2.5/5 and recommend only to those who are curious.

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