Sunday, June 18, 2017

Κριτική Ιστοσελίδων: Postcrossing

So my other website reviews are written in greek bit given that the most of my greek friends and all of my new aquaintances speak english, I am going to change language.

I have been a member of since January 2006. Here is my personal profile, have a look if you don't mind:

Postcrossing is a project that allows people to send and receive postcards from all over the world. The idea is simple: you join the site (you have to provide a valid actual world address) and then you receive up to five home addresses from other members arond the world. You then have to send each of them a postcard. Each postcard has a special ID (for example GB-12345). Once the member receives the postcard they go on the site and register it. You can do that up to five times but the addresses are chosen randomly and you cannot refuse to send a card once the address has been revieled and you cannot choose specific countries to target.

Your activity, the cards you have sent and the cards you have received, can be seen on your profile that also has some useful statistics

Here are the cards I sent:

And here are the cards I have received:

There were a few months of abstinence that I could have used to sent more cards but I didn't. Anyway, this is a great way to connect random people. Once you receive a card you may sent an online message to the sender. Also you get to keep the adresses you have already send postcards to, and send more in the future. Also the website is intergrated with facebook and twitter so that you can automatically tweet/post every time you receive a card.

Postcard enthusiasts and collectors could have a field day with this one. I know that a lot of people make cards on their free time and then have noone to send them to. Well this is your chance! Let your creativity run free!

And let me know if you wish to sent your first postcard for free! I can help you!

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