Friday, November 13, 2009

Manga: Bamboo Blade

Title: Bamboo Blade

Genre: drama, comedy

The ishida tiger samurai of the kendo section advisor sent the everyday life of the poor life which is troubled with also the meal of that day with room river high school teacher. When it is such, with the senior of high school age the practice tournament of the kendo section can be offered from Saburo Ken Ishibashi of the town door high school kendo section advisor. When room river high school wins, 1 annual sushi eating at will. But, to do the practice tournament of 5 to 5, the staff of room river side is not enough. The tiger samurai does in order that promptly, 5 woman staffs are gathered from the next day, being on the rush, but the place where the very promising talent is not found and is worried, a certain schoolgirl there is no difficulty with the bamboo [bo] float and the plural balls (with the vice-principal) witnessing the fact that it strikes back. Even with as something that Iribe it will be able to point to that schoolgirl to the kendo section, you try, but is .......

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