Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I don't get twitter

Twitter Quitters Just Don't Get It

The guy is right! I just don't get twitter. I mean why on earth do we need it anyway? I understant facebook. I would understand more if you could make parts of your profile public, i.e. available to more than just facebook users but twitter I don't get.

I have an account sure but it retwits my blog entries (by the way I'm back with a vengeance) but I don't think I can express myself in 140 letters. And no I can't see how anyone may say something interesting enought for me to read. Ok, perhaps, help!!! I'm arrested might hold interest to me but basically that's it!

Please enlighten me. What is there that I just don't see? And here I get knowing smiles and looks by the people who do get it and mystic replies such as "Well if you can't see for yourself ...", "If you don't get it by now ...." and then the look! THEY know! And I don't! But what the hell is it? Please, oh wise twitterologists, let me know! I hate being left out.

Oh well, I won't completely give up on my twitter account. But don't expect anything profound from me. And by the way how came I have followers? I mean what do they get out of it? It's not like I'm going to follow them back. Creepy ... very creepy.

Also I just realised people are replying to my posts without me knowing it. I just searched @Dellaporta and two complete strangers droped a line or two for me. I replied back but I would much prefer it if they used my blog instead.

I hope I get an epiphany soon because most of my friends are using twitter


  1. I totally agree. I don't get Twitter either ;-)

  2. Here http://oneiros.gr you can find at the tag twitter some very interesting articles for the use of twitter in Greece. I would recommend you some articles but you don't allow copy-paste at this form, thus I can't.

    Apart from that I would suggest you to follow the instructions of the guy that wrote the article that you refer to. Follow a lot of people. It is not just for friends. It is mostly to connect with interesting people!

  3. In a nutshell it's a way to interact with people all over the world who share your interests. Cutting edge professionals share their views or findings and use hashtags (#) to make searches for the topic easier. I use it mostly for work and I agree that it's not a tool for everyone. Don't worry so much if you don't like it, but in case you need something to entice you here it is: http://twitter.com/#search?q=rouvas :-)

    By the way, I suppose I'm one of the 'complete strangers' that dropped you a line. I didn't include my BC screen name because I use my real name on twitter and I thought you'd recognise it since it's a sure giveaway.



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