Sunday, March 04, 2012

London calling #2

My friend and roomate Eirini, has arrived in Athens a couple of days before our actual departure so we can get our affairs in order (wow I never thought I' d use this phrase for myself) and say our goodbuys to friends and family.

My parents of course never believed I was actually going. My mothers' constand fear was that I was going to starve because I cannot cook - as it turns out I can prepare a dish or two. Not mousaka of course but I can make a great chicken-in-white-sause-that-tastes-good-but-has-no-name. And they never thought I could get a job. All the other success stories they heard were about people who had already been to interviews and had 'conections' i.e. friends or relatives who would offer them a home. They didn't just pack and leave. My parents thought that I would spent all the money I saved during the summer and come back broke after five or six weeks. My father kept saying 'What are you going to do in London? You are just going to waste your time'  That's why they didn't want to break my mobile phone contract.

You see I had been looking for that fabled job since I was 24. Every season once I come back in Athens, I sent my CVs to all the major hotels in Athens. And every year I get completely ignored. The companies don't even see fit to sent an auto response telling me that I didn't get it. I still have to phone so that an annoied person can tell me to leave them alone - They will contact me if they need me (which they never did).

Apparently this resume is not impressive enought (not literaly - I mean the greek version of it). It is very sad because these are the most productive years of my life, I have much to offer damn it! And all I ever asked was a job that would provide me with a sense of security and would allow me to live with dignity.

Was that so much to ask for?

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