Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Libya: Stop the Crackdown

In Libya, Colonel Qaddafi's armed forces are using machine guns and fighter jets against pro-democracy protesters -- hundreds have already been killed and, without immediate international action, the situation could spiral into a national bloodbath.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is in emergency meetings on Libya now. If we can pressure them to agree to a no-fly zone over Libya, a freeze of Qaddafi's, his family's and his high command's assets, targeted sanctions against the regime, and international prosecution of any military officials involved in the crackdown -- this could stop airforce bombings and split Qaddafi's command structure.

We have no time to lose -- the people of Libya are being slaughtered by government forces. Click to send a message directly to all the UNSC delegations to stop the violence and share this with everyone -- let's inundate them with messages and spur them to action!

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The content of the letter:
Dear United Nations Security Council delegates:

The violence in Libya must end. I urge you to pass a resolution on Libya that will:
a) impose a no-fly zone to stop the bombings of civilians
b) freeze assets belonging to Qaddafi, his family, and his high command
c) impose targeted sanctions against the regime
d) initiate international prosecutions of military officials involved in the crackdown.


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