Saturday, July 07, 2007


My new job is o.k. I was supposed to work from 15:00 untill 23:00 but the head of reception is gone for a few days due to trouble in the family (and a little bit of rest because she was feeling burned out) and I was left on my own doing the hard staff like expecting 60 guests at a time (damn Viaggi and Kompas! Couldn't they pick different days for their flights!)

Naturally chaos follows soon after. I misplaced a couple of guests They should go to room 322 and instead got 332 (oups). Also I "received" a document about goods that were supposed to be delivered in the kitchen but never showed up there. The thing is when you sign that you actually received goods you can't blame the supplier for not getting them. And they were actually delivered but not to the usual place, so after a fewtelephone calls and little bit of searching the goods were retrieved. Naturally afterwards I got reprimanded and was told never to do that again.

Anyway the manager said that the problem lies in me not asking for help when things go weird,because I'm not expected to do everything but ask for assistance whenever I can't handle something.

Well after 14 hours (oh yes, I've been on my post from 7:00 untill 21:00) I went home. That was yesterday.

Today bump was even bigger. A guy (who has caused problems before by telling us that we threw away his newspapers when in fact his wife had misplaced them), came and asked for his and his wife's passports because he was checking out today. My colleague searched for them in his pigeon hole wherewe keep the keys but they weren't there so hetold him that we didn't have and he should search his room again. The guy insisted the receptionist looked for them again but to no avail so the guy left and said he would look for them again in his room. That was quite early and he didn't come back. The receptionist told me this quite casually. I asked him whether I should search myself but he said that he looked everywhere all night and the guy didn't come back any way so he probably got them. 45 minutes before his departures he shows up again telling me that he still hasn't got his passport and he needs them to check out. I immediately tell the manager and he comes and start looking for the damn documents himself. Here is the crusial point: I don't exactly recall if I told him that I looked for them myself or whether I just told him about the other receptionist's search. I wanted to be quick, the other time I was told that I shouldn't try to deal with things like that myself but should contact him immediately.

Anyway the passports weren't where they where supposed to be and fortunately the guy was from Europe so he could leave the country without his passports using his ID card or his driver's licence. And about six hours later I FOUND THEM!

They were placed on a different pigeon hole and we simply didn't notice. Every passport we get, we label it with a little sticker saying the room number so that we can always put it in the right pigeon hole. Aparently other hotels use that system and the passport had another sticker with a different number on. When we looked for it we checked the stickers not the pictures/names of the people inside the passports hence the mistake.

I told the boss of my findings, I got yelled at, and then contacted the travel agency whotold me to just mail it to them (he had left his address) which we will do.

I haven't seen the boss yet (I will see him tommorow morning) to hear his verdict on the matter. I don't think that I am responsible for this mix - up except that I should have saerched for the passports the moment the night receptionist told me what happened. I should have gone through each and every single one. But he made the whole thing sound so casual that I simply didn't pay attention.


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