Sunday, May 27, 2007

Things are looking up ...

The weather in Santorini hasn’t been very good lately, so the guests, who were lured here by the promises of wonderful sunshines and amazing sunsets, found themselves confined to their suites and were very edgy. They started noticing all sorts of unimportant details that normally, if the weather was fine and were enjoying their cruises or walks, they wouldn’t notice at all.

Thankfully the weather has improved and many of the amenities that the hotel should have but didn’t because they haven’t been shipped/ordered/bought yet are now available. So the complaining customers are now less. We no longer offer them free nights as compensations. I also feel that I am getting the hang of it. Things are quiet now and everybody is less tired and calmer as well.

I did a major flomp on Wednesday the 23rd. I was supposed to arrange for transfer for a certain couple and I didn’t. The circumstances made this particular mistake inexcusable. These people had been in and out of the reception office all morning and yet I forgot to call the driver when it was time for them to be picked up. Everybody went ballistic. On a scale of dissastroufulness from 1 to 10 this felt like a 15.

The hotel manager, Antonia was not only furious but close to tears and the owner/boss had to drive them herself. Needless to say I have lost her favor there and then (not that I had it in the first place). Ever since every word she ever utters to me is to correct me and at the same time makes me feel like I’m four. I suppose it serves me right up to a point. I really wished she got over it thought. Other than that I haven’t made any other huge mistakes and that’s a relief.

The hotel was inspected by Starwood and we passed the test (yupee!!!), so that’s one less thing to worry about.

I run out of money and need to go to the bank to make a withdraw. Unfortunately the bank is closed on Monday, it’s a holiday so I guess that leaves Tuesday. I lost my ATM card a few days before moving to Santorini. That’s a mixed blessing. On one hand my life is somewhat more difficult without it. I need to take a whole trip to a different village in order to find a bank. On the other hand it’s a good thing too because I would probably had spent a lot more otherwise.

I can’t believe how expensive things are here. I spend 200 euros on food and necessities in less than 15 days. I really wanted to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean III” and I guess I still have the chance, I just need to arrange the schedule with my colleague.

So far so good …


  1. Mr. Jessie LopezMay 28, 2007

    Well at least u're holding up there. I hope that mistake doesn't affect ur work in anyway. Keep it up. I know u're doing a great job. Don't worry we haven't forgotten u.

  2. don't worry maria, that things happen.we all make mistakes and that has nothing to do with your profesionality.we are humans not god's so it's part of the life make the way, in the hotel they don't pay you the food???kisses and good luck!!!!!!!!

  3. Della, I'm thinking of you although I have had very limited time for the Internet lately. I hope you're well, and recovering fine from that mishap of yours. I understand that you must have felt awful. But it's human to make mistakes. I only wish your colleagues can see it that way eventually.

    I'll soon be off to Athens!!! Do you think I can see your parents even though you won't be there? I'd love to!

    Love ya!


  4. Hi Della

    How are you? With me I am fine, bought a new photoshop program a few days ago and I am having oodles of fun with it. I have 2 exams left to do and once I have done them, I am free for 3 months and that means that once I hear about Sakis performing somewhere, I am off to Greece at last after a long wait. I am glad you are getting on well with your new job even though you have had some hard times as well. Good luck and tell me how you get on each time you visit the forum.
    Fingers crossed for you.

    From Moldie

  5. Να κι άλλο blog από την Σαντορίνη!! Τώρα το είδα...arhos


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